Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stage One: Complete!

OK, what you see is the first stage to completing a very large floor pillow. Surprisingly this pillow top was crocheted from 1 inch strips of sheet (idea courtesy of another crafting blog my sister showed me). Do you have a guess to how much of the sheet it took to crochet this? (Find answer below)

The hardest part was since the sheet is in strips it doesn't want to pull through the loops like a nice round piece of yarn. I could only work for an hour at a time before my arm was too sore to continue. Though it was an improvement over cutting the sheet into strips, which resulted in my thumb going numb for two days.This took me about a week of various sessions to complete.

Also, Futurama has nothing so do with the pillow, other than it offered background entertainment and it's size is that of a regular DVD.

Flash kind of bleached out the above picture. Oh well. Below is just a detail shot.

(The answer to the question: an entire queen size flat sheet.)

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