Thursday, December 30, 2010

Presenting Toothless

 Toothless in all his glory.

After my husband bought me the DVD of How to Train Your Dragon I became obsessed with finding the cutest plush Toothless possible! Do you know what my option was?

Yeah seriously? That little dumpy BLUE round lizard thing was NOT going to cut it. So like the majority of crafters who enjoyed the movie I decided to make my own. This little guy was 100% designed and created by me (no, not Toothless, he belongs to Dreamworks. I'm talking about the pattern and the plush, duh!)


Altogether Toothless took me about four days to craft. That's right, just four days... and about four weeks. In the first two days I completed his body down to the toes and back spikes, but after that my ability to eyeball his form hit a wall. I spent another two days trying to figure out how I was going to get his wings to look anything like the pictures. Frustrated I "set the project aside" and finally returned to it yesterday.

As you can see the wings (and everything else) doesn't quite match perfectly. After all he is a crochet version of a computer animated dragon, so it's not like I'm working in the realm of realism here. However I have seen many versions out there and I truly feel that mine is at least not the worse.

So what finally pushed me to finish him you ask? I want to make another. No, not crochet. Upon my searches for a respectable Toothless plush I came across a fellow crafter who has posted a pattern for a sewn version. Oh and it's about four feet long, which after working with miniature styles I'm ready for something BIG.

Also, happy birthday to me! I now have a rather cute Toothless!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More New Stuff!

For those of you out there that have no idea what this thing is: don't worry. I had no clue until I started my research. My brother-in-law is into World of Warcraft and as a Christmas gift I spent hours looking up the cutest creature available from the game. This is a baby murloc. I saw only one pattern for a murloc on the Internet (which I wasn't impressed with) so instead I decided to wing it.

This murloc was crafted by eyeballing the image from the game as a reference. So I really do get the credit this time! (Other than of course the character is owned by the game).

You may have noticed that the background is some lovely fabric that my mother-in-law picked out to make a baby blanket for a friend. She wanted to learn how to make a no-sew fleece blanket, and so together we made this cute little thing. I've made several others in various fabrics on my own.

More Presents!

There's nothing like the classics for Aunts and Grandparents. Scarfs and hot pad holders; I know, not nearly as cool as my other things, but I still made them on my own!

Christmas Gifts!

This year I actually did what I say I'm going to do every year...make gifts. I managed to make a gift for nearly every one of my immediate family members. Fun? Yes. Infuriating? Yes. Will I do it again next year? Only if I can manage to afford the supplies. Thank God for Goodwill!

The Star and Bomb-bomb were from patterns I found online. I looked at several and used what I liked! Point of the story? I have no rights to the characters or patterns, but enjoyment still ensued.

The Futurama brain slug was another cannibalized version of two or three online patterns. The color isn't really right, but I wanted to use what I had. The gift recipient loved it anyway.

(Again I didn't make the patterns, nor do I have any character rights)

This pretty snowflake was made from a Snowflake Monday pattern. (

Older Crafts

A Halloween mask made with paper mache and A 1-UP cake I made for a friend's promotion party. I've seen better cakes, but I was working with very few proper cake tools at the time.

A jellyfish! One of the most beloved gifts I ever gave. Apparently it is usually used as a small pillow and cat toy! (With all those little strings how can it NOT be?)

A special thanks to all the people who let me play with henna on their bodies.

This tree was rather neat if I do say so myself. Unfortunately the wire was a little weaker than I thought, so it's use as a jewelry holder didn't work out so well. However it does make a great Halloween decoration.

Another wonderful cake for someone I didn't know haha. (Please ignore the strawberries spewing their juice all over the place and just appreciate the general look of the cake)

Bakery Days