Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hexagon WIP 4

Working, slowly, on the border. Very slowly. Sloths look speedy next to me. 
(Yay TARDIS rug from Christmas!)

I spent my time on more important things. Like making funny faces at the camera in Disneyland again. I'm the one making the ridiculously over exaggerated face of terror.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hexagon WIP 3

Muwahaha. My hexagon blanket is nearing completion. Sort of. Almost.

It's really a beautiful blanket... if you slightly cross your eyes and let the image blur. Mmm, so pretty.

Actually it's a bit smaller than my calculations predicted. I'm going to even out the sides and make it a perfect square and then add granny squares that were made by my great grandmother before I was born. At least I think they're from before I was born. It definitely sounds better saying it that way rather than "that she made anywhere from 20-100 years ago." In any case it will be a cute way to add some family history to my project. She was the original crochet queen of the family and her talents skipped a couple generations and landed on me. 

More to come!