Friday, December 16, 2016

Goodbye 2016

This year was a shit storm. Actually, I think a literal shit storm would have been preferred to everything that happened this year.

That being said, here's the good stuff. I've finished my first book and am in the process of finding representation. In bad news I have no representation. My book is designed to take the white vanilla audience and lead them into a world of diverse sexualities and culture. Problem is... it starts slower than current popular books tend to. Book one is all "look this is so safe and familiar" then book two goes "oh look at all these dark corners" and the third will be "it's too late to turn back, you're stuck . Look at all the alternative lifestyles now filling that once vanilla ice cream." Because furthering compassion, understanding, empathy, and making a strike against isolation is my entire writing goal. All these things are entirely irrelevant if my story sucks though, and I'm incapable of objectivity when it comes to this, as hard as I may try. I honestly don't think anything I've done is BAD... but perhaps it's simply not good enough. Sigh.

As for my nerd life updates: I've started playing D&D. Actually I'm the DM. I suck at the game aspects, but I'm good with story improvising, so it evens out so far. My husband is really game technical on it all and may end up DMing the next one. I've taken to painting miniatures for the adventure and fucking love it.

After the massive crochet blanket I made for my sister's wedding gift last year I swore off yarn for a while. Then, after the loss of my grandmother, I decided to make two more (the granny squares in the middle were handed down by her). One for my mother and one for me. Here's what's soon to be my mom's (unfinished). Cats are sleeping on the original one for my sister.

 I also made one of my best friends a giant carrot pillow for her birthday. Don't ask. The important part is that she loved it.

I participated in GISHWHES again this year (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen), but for the last time. Turns out having a full-time creative job means I'm less inspired for a wacky scavenger hunt. Doesn't help that I really only manage the team. Still, here's my best art item from it (a butterfly bra for assisting a charity. Mine is in the coffee table book).

Otherwise the majority of my year was spent writing, editing, revising, rewriting, and pulling out my hair. I DO have something very special that I've been waiting to share for over a year, BUT I have to wait until my book is going to be published so I can use them to help promote my work. Here's a small hint:

The real deal is SO MUCH COOLER.

Anyway if you still follow this blog, cheers mate. I'm not dead, but I'm not sure I'm exactly "living" either.

Until next time!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I'm not dead!

Please don't hate me. I'm working on rewriting, editing, and (hopefully) publishing my first book, so I quite honestly forget this blog exists. That being said I have in no way forgotten about my crafting hobbies. Let me share some of my 2015 adventures!

First, I got a bunny. OMG BUNNY! 

I made this stupid *censored* *censored* queen sized *censored* blanket as my sister's wedding gift.




The loving couple modeling their gift:
 I know it's crazy colors, but if you knew my sister you'd know how well it works for her. 

I'm still doing yoga. Knocked it up a notch and teach under a black light with dubstep.

And just recently I'm undertaking the designing of mandalas for henna work, and learning how to paint with watercolors. Then, you know, that whole book writing thing. Mustn't forget that. 

Stay nerdy!