Sunday, January 23, 2011

"I'm Bender, baby, please insert liquor!"

After much pestering from my husband and sister I present baby Bender! This version of baby Bender was taken from Futurama season five, "Lethal Inspection" and comes complete with Mexican beer!

This was a rather ambitious and tedious project, taking me an entire week of diligent work. How did I do it you ask? Why by eyeballing it of course! No patterns, no direction, and no hope! Fortunately Bender refuses to be anything less than awesome. I hope I have done him proud.

He is by far the largest amigurumi style crochet I have attempted, and although he has some minor defects, he is an overall success! I started at his mini antenna and crocheted down to his "crotch plate" in one go. I then made his feet, but unfortunately by then I had used the entire skein of silver yarn so of course I had to go buy more. I finished off his other attachments and then put him together! I added a few details, such as his door and mouth, and then threw in a beer to keep his power cells fueled.

 Here he is from the episode.

And HERE he is in physical form! 

So, what do you think?


  1. So how much to commission one of those lovable baby Benders.

  2. Will you be posting a pattern for this or have you already? I loved your Zoidberg pattern and would love to make a baby Bender as well!

  3. Well, I don't think I'll post a pattern for Bender. I was trying really hard to write it all out but since everything is free form I kept losing myself!

  4. Hey how long did you make his chest, legs and arms. I cant get mind to look right i think im making one or more to long?