Sunday, April 8, 2012

Plant Hanger

I made this as a birthday present for a friend. It was super simple. Just crochet inside a key chain ring 8 or 6 stitches, then from each stitch crochet out a long chain. Super long if you want a two or three tiered plant hanger, but I went simple here so it was only about two and a half feet long.

Pick a length about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way down the entire length and tie two of each of the chains in a knot (so if you started with 8 you now have 4). Take one piece dangling from the knot and tie it to another one dangling from a different knot about two-three inches down. Just keep doing that until you have four series of knots. Finally take all your chains and tie them together in one big knot to act as the base which will then support your plant.

Something like this if my words made no sense.

                                     a   bc  de   f                     
                                  a     bc    de      f                
                               a       bc      de          f   - pull over to a          
                        (af)        (bc)     (de)                                 
                        a  f          b  c       d e                               
                      a      f       b     c    d     e                              
                    a          f   b         c d         e - pullover to a                             
                  (ae)        (fb)        (cd)                                       
                a     e        f    b        c    d                                   
             a          e     f       b    c        d                                  
           a              e  f          b c          d - pull over to a                              
          (ad)          (ef)         (bc)                                              
             ad            ef         bc                                               
                 ad        ef       bc                                                  
                     ad    ef     bc                               

              Let the ends dangle free!

Slip a plastic bottle/pot in first to make sure it holds and then go ahead and finish it up!

In other news I have FINISHED my Toothless! Now I just have to put the tutorial together with all the pictures and stuff  in a way that makes sense. Damn. Well, at least I'm trying.

Also I have almost finished writing my blog book! I have one more chapter to write and I'm done! I've also tentatively decided on a title: A Bird in a Tree

This working title was taken from a reveal in chapter 10. If you want to give it all a read check out

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