Sunday, April 15, 2012


I gathered my amigurumi today and realized that I don't have as many as I thought! With how many I've crocheted in the last 15 months I figured I'd have an overflowing pile, but I gave so many as gifts and sold a few that I now have only a modest collection.

Still I'm proud of what I have to show for the time I've spent on my crochet.

On the plus side I get to add a "his and hers" night fury to my pile of plushies. The grey one is mine and named "Cinder" after a weird Harry Potter meets How To Train Your Dragon dream I had a few months ago. In the dream I (a witch at Hogwarts, occasionally taking on Hermione's role) discovered an "albino" night fury. Harry, of course, adopted Toothless.

Geez, even my dreams are super nerdy.

Actually, beyond super nerdy. Last night I had a Harry Potter meets The Hunger Games mash up dream. It was pretty much Harry fighting for his life in a magic style Hunger Games. My perspective kept changing too, so sometimes I was just another competitor setting traps and watching out for myself, sometimes I was a game designer watching Harry's progress (this was all set up by Voldemort of course. Does that mean I was a Death Eater? Hmm). Then for about half the dream I WAS Harry.

I think I need to see a shrink.

Ahem, ANYway I'll be posting some more on Toothless soon. You know, like how to make your own and such.



  1. What a collection of crafts! I love the ghostbusters marshmallow dude!

  2. I have the same problem where I made so many nerdy things that I really only have two pokemon of my own to show for it. I need to buckle down and make me some nerd toys.

  3. Erm, made so many nerdy things as gifts, I mean.

  4. WOW, I love toothless!! cant wait for a tutorial!!

    love K

  5. So...much...SQUEE. Toothless looks like I'm going to have to get my non-sewing-challenged older sister to make him for me. =) He's ADORABLE. I do that weird dream thing, too, where sometimes I'm one of the characters, and sometimes myself, and sometimes someone else watching the whole thing....

  6. Wow, your ami collection is incredible!

  7. Where can I get these patterns? I love the bender from futurama!