Friday, January 27, 2012

Time Keeps on Slippin'

Holy crap! It has been THREE WEEKS since my last post, and worse, I don't even have anything that spectacular to post about! Maybe I should invite others to join me in my crocheting of nerdy wonder here on MNC. I'm warning you though! I usually like to crochet things that cannot be found in stores, or if they are in stores their quality and look is generally awful. Of course I break my own rules on occasion, but in general that's what I strive for.

People like NerdJerk would fit in, though she is incredible on her own. Check out her Etsy shop. It makes me so happy.

Anywho, the last few weeks have been absolutely nutty for me. I'm not even sure where the time went. I'm pretty sure I went to sleep on January 10th and woke up this morning.

Went back to work at the Thrift Shop after a lovely three week holiday for Christmas/New Years. The place was packed, like, overflowing-got-in-trouble-with-the-fire-chief packed. And by "got in trouble" I mean we had a four page write up that could potentially shut us down. I don't think we will be, but it was still one of those "eeek!" moments.

Luckily my manager is really dedicated and spent a lot of time cleaning it all up. Potential melt down averted. I'll admit that I've been feeling a little distant from the store lately. It's like I'm just not as invested in it as I was when I first volunteered. Of course that was over a year ago and I honestly thought I would have a paying job by now, but I know the others depend on me.

So within the next two weeks of opening I had a slew of doctors appointments and writing critiques and a few other extras that I'll discuss shortly. The biggest issue was this stupid new medication that my doctor had me try out for a month. I started just before Christmas and went until about a week and a half ago before I was able to switch to something else. The stupid stuff caused insomnia, but not even the good kind where you get up and are productive in the odd hours of the night. I was still exhausted but I just couldn't sleep! It was infuriating. I wasn't a very happy person to be around for those few weeks. Now I'm on something else and this last week I took off from the Thrift Store and I've been sleeping... a lot...and it's fantastic.

As with everyone's life there are a multitude of other things going on. I've started running a couple times a week in the morning with a friend of mine. Then I joined her gym so we could go to fitness classes together earlier this week. Since Monday I've gone to ten hour long classes, go me!

The writing contest that I've been working towards opened late Sunday night. I sat in a quivering ball of anxiety while the minutes ticked down. I had my husband come and double check everything while I entered. He's surprisingly good at dealing with my eccentricities. Now my entry is in and I get to wait until Feb 23rd to find out if I passed the first round. I've never worked so hard on my writing as I have for this contest, so I hope I at LEAST pass the first round. Four out of five entries will be cut first thing, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Alright, now that I've bored you with my life let's look at the one thing I've managed to crochet in the last three weeks.

My grandmother gave me a skein of pale yellow for Christmas...but I'm actually not too fond of pale colors so I made her a cowl with it.

I don't know why I've been on a cowl kick lately, but they're fun and require almost no thought.

I will give you some hints for the project I'm currently working on. If you can guess it I'll post a project you've recently completed for glory and prestige!

Hint One: I have already done one, but wasn't satisfied.
Hint Two: It was the project with the most page views in 2011.


  1. Ugh, insomnia would drive me crazy. CRAZY. Ten one-hour classes in one week! GAH! Though if they were like my Dance Central marathons, maybe it wouldn't be too bad. =P

    Based on your hints, I'll guess your current project is another Robot Santa! Actually, I'm a little confused. I'd guess him based on most page views, but you weren't satisfied?? Really?? He's awesome!