Sunday, February 12, 2012


I'm back! After ten days of playing board games and hanging out with the in-laws I'm back in our sunny apartment... which is full of chores that I, for some reason, felt no need to do prior to our departure. So I wake up on Friday and surprise! Instead of cleaning I joined my super awesome friends for a four mile run with some climbing thrown in (we had to venture down a cliff face and play in the water...we just HAD to). Enter exhaustion.

Friday night, the blissful time for sleep finally came and of course my lovely medication decides to kick into insomnia mode. This has been going on for a while now and it doesn't make me a pleasant person to be around. Anyway Saturday I experimented with a capoeira class... I then spent the rest of the day sacked out on the couch...and then proceeded to sleep ten hours last night. This whole sleep issue has really been disrupting my life.

Luckily with a few extra hours I've had enough energy today to finally do the dishes, sweep, put stuff away, and enjoy a Hawaiian hula class. Naturally after all of that I'm back to being sleepy. Ugh.

Hopefully my wonderfully nerdy readers will understand that my focus has been a bit scattered lately. Between trying to up my fitness level, maintain the household, write, research, and constantly switching meds so I can sleep, I'm afraid crochet hasn't been quite as far up on my list as usual.

I do have a fun project going, it's just going to take me a while to finish it. To be honest I would really like to focus on my writing a bit more. The plan is to finish this crochet project, and then take the time to finish some other things as well, including the book that I'm writing for Mostly Nerdy Narrative.

In the mean time I played around with organizing my yarn this week! I had it in clear plastic totes under my desk (which is actually a kotatsu) which worked fine...until it started to overflow.

The fix? Make better use of the closet!

Just look at all that beautiful yarn waiting to be used. I don't have the color selection that I would like, but when you're buying it second hand you don't always get much of a choice. Still, this makes me happy.

On a super side note I finally got a hair cut. Of course my husband didn't take a very good pic, but whatever. We were waiting for iFly, which is an indoor skydiving place in Tukwila, WA. Most amazing experience ever!



  1. Ugh, insomnia is THE WORST. Your haircut is adorable. Also: INDOOR SKYDIVING??? How cool! Is that where you throw yourself towards a giant fan? I'd love to do that. I'm afraid of heights and never would be able to throw myself out of a plane, but I think I could do the giant fan thing. (OK, I just googled...there's one in Orlando! Next Disney visit, I'm all over it!)