Friday, January 6, 2012

Eventual Plans

This month is not going to be a good crafting month for me. My efforts have been focused on editing and preparing my book so I can submit it to a contest. I doubt I'll win, but I really hope to make it past the first round. Regardless of my expectations I fully intend to give my all. The contest entry period starts at the end of this month and goes until the first week of February, so don't expect to hear much from me between now and then. Sorry!

While I'm working please take the time to imagine me making each of these items into amigurumi.

Things I would really like to make. Eventually.

Robot Devil from Futurama. Duh.

Snowball (the third?) from The Simpsons. This has been a request from my sister.

Hedonism Bot from Futurama. He's just too fantastic.


A crochet bottle of True Blood. I love the Sookie Stackhouse book and the HBO series True Blood and I fully intend to make SOMETHING to show my love, and since crocheting an Eric would be too hard I'll stick with this. (Hard isn't the right word, but I've found that when trying to accurately turn a person into crochet you lose something in the process)

I'm sure I'll dream up more things, but for now this is a good start. Feel free to help me brainstorm. I think my mind has turned to some sort of grey mush at the moment.

FYI mindless ranting ahead.

I've been doing some good work on my sister blog, Mostly Nerdy Narrative. I'm up to chapter seven on my untitled book there and I have up to chapter twelve written, but not posted. It's been a lot of fun to have a place to write and have the occasional person read, though I do wish I got a little more traffic. Then again I used to think that about this blog as well, now I'm quite satisfied.

As far as my book that I've been working on since early 2010 I'm moving forward. I was trying to work with an editor friend, but she flaked out on me and I'm back to my own devices. I've been editing the book (which took me 5 weeks to write) for over a year and a half now. My ultimate dream is to be an author who can live comfortably off her published books. I don't really want to be the next JK Rowling or Stephanie Meyer. Too much pressure and fame.

I guess I just want to have a comfortable life in general, and as I sit here after a nice warm shower and laden with blankets, I guess I'm not too far off the mark. I'm extremely lucky to have the opportunity to pursue these projects, but one day I would like my husband to relax a bit as well. I just gotta make a little money so he doesn't have to work so much!

Well everyone, take care, have a wonderful weekend, and I'll be back soon!


  1. Good luck on your contest hun, I'm sure people will like your story. I can't wait to see that robot devil though.

  2. You should make a Nibbler - and post the pattern of course!

  3. Actually there's already a pretty good nibbler pattern out there! Here's the link:

  4. I have read your mostlynerdynarrative Untiteld story and so far I liked it a lot. I am even a little disapoined I have to wait till Febraury to know what happens to Wren and V and the wole powers of the elite thing; I undestand the reasons so THE BEST OF LUCKS WITH YOUR BOOK!
    Ps: I am a uruguayan fan ;)

  5. To Nessy: Thank you so much! You just made my week! I'm so glad that you've read my work on MNN. I can't wait to get back to writing and posting. I'm sorry for the delay, life gets in the way sometimes! I'll try and post something at the end of this month, just to boost your spirits!