Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Hello everyone!

I know, I know. I disappeared for a while again. Part of my lack of posting is how busy I've become! In the last week alone I've been swamped with calling a million different people and preparing for my move back down to California.

On the plus side I got a new laptop for my birthday/Christmas! So now I have the proper tools to be successful. Speaking of which I'm slowing moving everything into my proper name so if you would like to find me on twitter go here:


or on facebook go here:


As I slowly transfer I might work on getting this page updated to my own name as well. If you've emailed me in the last couple of weeks please be patient! I got a little swarmed over the holidays and with moving my brain spends a lot of time in a gelatinous state.

I did, however, manage to make a couple Christmas gifts this year. Fashioned off a slipper found on pinterest (another place you can find me if you don't mind a ton of pins from Doctor Who).

My feet were a little small to show them off properly, but they fit my friend quite well.

I'm working to get back into the swing of things, but it may take a little time, so hang in there!


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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the slippers are FABULOUS and fit lovely. Best present of the year.