Thursday, January 17, 2013

Look! Something Shiny!

Yesterday I was invited to an earring making party. I had no idea what that actually meant, but my friend likes to make earrings and I wanted to see her before I head back to LA so I thought it would be fun.

More like fantastic! She had an expansive (or perhaps obsessive) selection of beads to choose from and then we were able to design how we wanted the earring to look and she put it all together for us! Turns out this is a new thing she's doing to help make her crafty hobby into a little side business. Effing brilliant and way more interactive for anyone with a flair for the creative. (I mean sure, you can be creative with Mary Kay cosmetics and make yourself look like a clown, but you start to get weird looks when everyone else is all "I want to look like a movie star!" Pfft, yeah, like that's going to happen.)

Anyway I loved the pair of earrings I go to help make. See?

Combination of natural stones and a couple added silver touches. Awesomely long to make up for my short, short hair.

If you're into beaded earrings check out her etsy page and if you live in Washington state see if she'll get you going with an earring party!

I'm also kind of a dork so we had a mini photo shoot of me mimicking her collection of masks.


Check out my favorite mask pic on my "professional" facebook page here:

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  1. Adorable earrings. I love you. The laughing mask face is my favorite. I might have actually LOL'ed.