Friday, December 9, 2011

"Won't you join my slaying tonight?"

I give you Robot Santa!

I've been wanting to make this guy since I first picked up the connection between crochet and Futurama. He, and the Robot Devil, are two of my absolute favorite characters! I'm still waiting for the right yarn to come along for the Robot Devil though.

So what's better than seeing Robot Santa in crochet glory? Being able to make him yourself! I have a lovely little pattern here that I've crafted just for my adoring followers.

With this, however, I think I'm going to take a little time off! Christmas is here and now that Robot Santa is safely tied up and placed on top of my tree it's time to start the celebration.

Pattern: Remember it's untested, but at least it's free!

Body: In red to start
Magic circle with 6 sc.
Increase to 12 sc
inc every other stitch for 1 row
inc every 3rd stitch for 1 row
inc every 4th stitch for 2 rows
inc every 5th  stitch for 2 rows.
3 = rows
inc every 10th stitch for 1 row
2 = rows
inc every 10th stitch for 1 row
2 = rows
dec every 7th stitch for 2 rows
2 = rows
switch to white
2 = rows
dec every 5th stitch on inside half of previous row.

dec every 4th for 1 row
dec every 3rd stitch for 1 row
dec every other stitch, then every stitch, fill and finish closing.

Arms: In red to start
ch 17, attach ch 1 to ch 17
4 = rows
dec every 10th stitch for 3 rows
4 = rows
dec every 10th stitch for 2 rows
switch to white
2 = rows
dec every 3rd stitch twice (not two rows)
dec until closed
Attach to body.

Head: In grey
ch 22, attach ch 1 to ch 22
5 = rows
dec every 15th stitch for 4 rows
3 = rows.
dec until closed OR slip a strand of yarn along the opening and cinch closed. This will be under his hat
Stuff and attach to body.

Legs: In red to start
ch 10, attach ch1 to ch10
3 = rows
switch to black
4 = rows
ch 3, attach straight across the foot to divide heel and toe.
2 = rows on half for toes
sl st closed and sl st back to other open half
dec until closed
stuff and attach to body.

Hat: Totally forgot to write out instructions for the hat, sorry!
ch enough to fit the circumference of his head in red
dec ever 10th or so stitch for a couple of rows, and then decrease more frequently to form a point.
switch to white,  increase for a row and then decrease on the next row to form the ball.
close and tie off.

 Details: In felt
Cut out a long strip of black felt for his belt and sew on. Add yellow for the buckle.
Add a strip of white felt around the brim of his hat and the edge of white on his hands as well as his shoulder joints.
Make two small tubes of grey for his "cheeks" and attach.
Add felt eyes, a layer of orange on top of grey. You can make him sad, angry, or happy!
Add the mouth, a large white beard with jagged "teeth" cut out and yellow behind.
Push small grey felt triangles into his hat for spikes. Repeat with white for his hands.
Sew little black buttons on his chest.

"Oh it might appear empty, but the message is clear: play Santa again, and I'll kill you next year!"

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. I LOVE Robot Santa!!!
    Nice work making him!!

  2. I LOVE YOU FOREVER OMG. :) I wish I had some time to make him! Maybe next year.

  3. Perfect. By the way - when you make the robot devil, he'd better have a little tag attached that says "for Chelsey"!

  4. That is the most awesome tree topper ever!

  5. Amazing!! THANKS for sharing!! Will have to make this soon (but reality says next year haha)

  6. AAH! You guys make me feel so great! I'm so glad everyone likes him! Where would the world be without Futurama, I mean seriously, that show is half my nerdy life.

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG. I'm a huuuge Futurama fan and have just started crocheting—there's no better combination! And this is the most clever Christmas tree topper I've come across.