Saturday, September 10, 2011

Woolly Walk Along Participation!

 "The time has come", the Walrus said...

So remember a few months ago when I kept posting stuff about Mr. Squid? Well big news! Squidy had finally been put in place as my small addition to the huge Woolly Walk Along project run by Knitty Graffity!

*UPDATE* Here's the link for the news article:
A short article and video here:

Everyone in these pictures volunteered to help put approximately 250+ feet of donated knitting and crochet along a piece of railing near the Rugby World Cup. I've never been to Auckland, New Zealand, but I would have loved to go there for this!

There was also a news article written about the time and effort that it took to create such a collaborative work. Once the link has been sent to me I'll get it up on here.

Look at the glory that is Mr. Squid. Thank you Knitty Graffity, volunteers, and crafters for all your hard work! It's just so amazing!

I'll be updating this post with more information when I have it. Until then you can check out Knitty Graffity on facebook for more pictures! She'll be posting more on her blog soon, but she needed to get some sleep after all the excitement yesterday!

(Pictures provided by Knitty Graffity. Please email me if you are in one of these pictures and would rather not be seen on this site. Thank you!)

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