Saturday, September 3, 2011


Fizzgig with pattern!

Well after taking a trip down memory lane with The Labyrinth I, of course, had to watch The Dark Crystal too.

So naturally with my movie all set up my fingers were itching for another crochet project. Turned out that the project was a little more involved, but still quite fun. (By fun I mean I was about to pull my hair out getting all of his to look right).

Fizzgig is by far one of the most adorable creatures that Jim Henson created. I mean, part dog, giant mouth, cute temperament, and what amounts to a large ball of fuzz? If I could adopt one I would... but since I can't I made one instead.

Anyway who cares about me blabbing on (I mean really, do you seriously follow this blog because of my creative writing skills?) I demand PICTURES!

Fizzgig Untested Pattern
(Make these stitches looser than you would normally)
Magic circle with 6 sc in the center
Increase to 12
Inc ever other stitch for three rows
Increase every 3rd stitch for 1 row
Sc 10, inc, sc 10, inc, for 2 rows
Ch 25, attach back to the base about half way across with a sc (follow the slack around the circle, this will be the opening for his mouth)
5 = rows
Sc 10, decrease, sc 10, dec for 3 rows
Sc 5, dec, sc 5, dec for 2 rows
Dec  every 3rd stitch for 2 rows
Dec until closed.

In red; crochet a basic flat oval with an 8 ch base (more accurate patterns easily found online than what I would be able to describe). Increase in size until it more or less matches the size of the mouth opening. Attach to the mouth opening, but don’t forget to stuff before you close! Only put polyfill in the top and bottom sections, do not fill completely as this will prevent his mouth from closing.

Little feet – Optional (usually you just see him as a giant fluff ball)
Ch 40, link ch 40 to ch 1
Ch 4 and link directly across (create a narrow oval with line through it)
Working on half the oval at a time: 1=row*
Using same “ch 4 and attach” separate the half into three sections
Sc around the new thirds and decrease each row until you have a point. Fasten off or slip stitch back to the next opening. Repeat for all three toes.
Repeat from * for the second foot. (they will be very close together, feel free to make each foot individually by skipping the initial large oval).
Attach to the bottom of his body so his toes peak out.

Detail time!
Sc 1 row of dark brown around his mouth. Cut out off white felt in a tooth pattern and sew to the top and bottom of his mouth. Also cut a tiny tooth set for the back of his mouth and sew on. Using black felt cut out his “throat” but remember the little red dangly guy!
Follow the same general procedure for his eyes and nose. As for his fluffiness  you will be looping dozens of 2”-3” chunks of yarn through the loose stitches all over his body. Make sure you’ve attached his eyes and nose before you fluff up his face. I had a 4ply yarn that I separated each strand apart to give him extra oomph. Kind of looks like he got a perm, but at least he’s properly fluffed!

(Pictures to help you understand what the heck I'm talking about)

 (For the feet)

 (For the fuzz)


  1. this is so adorable!!!

  2. This is awesome, always wanted Fizzgig for myself! :)

  3. Ok I'm Hooked, gotta give it a shot. I'm not sure if you were going for cute, but really TOOOO CUTE!!!

  4. DANG, this is 'Teh Qte' personified! :>D

  5. To the Anonymi (anonymouses?) of course he's gotta be cute! If hes not cute then I didn't make him right. I'm glad the two of you have declared that I did though!

  6. This is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wish I had the skills/patience to give him a try, but I'm in awe that you did!

  7. To Grateful: Thanks! About half way through I was starting to question my sanity hahaha.

  8. Tracey- I always love seeing your newest creation! Thanks for sharing!
    Katie Cross
    Entering the giveaway:

  9. AHHHHH! It's Fizzgig. My husband thought I was nuts when I screamed and pointed at the computer. The Dark Crystal is my favorite movie from my childhood. I am so grateful that you posted this pattern. Thank you, thank you.

  10. To the Anonymous with "AAAAAAH!"

    That comment just gave me the biggest smile ever! Thank you!!!

  11. I admit that I didn't know who Fizzgig was until I saw your post on Craftster. So, when I scrolled down the pictures and saw the gaping red mouth...what a fun surprise!!! I love him. Absolutely great stuff. And I love how the fur came out, I tried unraveling yarn like that and didn't like the way it came out and quit after only a few strands - definitely will be trying that again now. Adding the blue strands here and there makes a real impact too.

  12. OH my goodness. This just made my whole week. I'm starting on it immediately! I'm glad someone else shares my love for this furry little ball of awesome.

  13. So at nearly 70 I'm not alone in my love for the show and its critters. I will undoubtedly make several but the first Fizzgig is mine, mine, mine.

  14. You are awesome. Thank you so much for the pattern!
    I'm way over due to watch this movie!

  15. Your design is spot on! Looks like Fizzgig jumped of the screen and into your home.

  16. I just found this on Pinterest! I LOOOOOVE it!! I have been crocheting since I was 7 but haven't made my own patterns for much yet (just earphone covers and a coaster) but I think it's awesome how you just decided to make this. Now, I want to watch Dark Crystal with my DD. She's 2. ;) Gotta spread the Henson love another generation! Thanks for posting your pattern!

  17. Oh I loved this guy when I was younger, will be doing this and maybe create some of his 'relatives' in different colors. Thanks for the pattern and inspiration!

  18. This is amazing. He was my favorite character from The Dark Crystal! Just figured out what to do for my brother's birthday! Can't wait to see how he comes made my day! Thank you for posting the pattern

  19. One of my dogs is named Fizzgig. He actually looks a lot like the character. He is the love of my husband's life. Thanks for sharing this.

  20. HI! I love this pattern and the worm from the labyrinth. I'm actually working on the worm, for my friends birthday. I saw that you made a fizzgig and I about died! I am going to make him as soon as I get the right colors. But I was curious about what 4=rows means and what hook size you used. Thanks :)

  21. Elizabeth: I typically use a 3.75/F hook. The 4=rows means to sc 4 rows of the same number all the way around, equal, no decreases or increases. Hope that helps!

  22. this is awsome i own both the labrinth and dark crystal, i luv it so much i can repeat it word for word. what color of yarn did you use?

  23. Petloverami1: Unfortunately the yarn that I used was bought in a thrift store and didn't have the original info with it. Just try to find a light latte color and that should do the trick!

  24. It's FIZZGIG!!!! I am definitely adding this to the list of things I am making JUST FOR ME!

  25. I can't crochet but if you ever decide to sell a few on Etsy or such, I would totally buy one. The Dark Crystal is one of my favorite movies ever. :D

  26. This is insane! and I mean that as a compliment!! That is one very believable Fizzgig!! Well done and thank you for sharing the pattern... maybe one day I can get around to making one for our home :)

  27. I am trying it out and so far the body is very ruffly. Is it supposed to be a smooth circle or a ruffled circle from the beginning to the first 4 sc rows?

  28. Well, if I remember right my yarn wasn't very cooperative, so my "ball" base for Fizgig was a little ruffled, but not so bad that it still wasn't a circle. Either way remember that you are going to be added a million little "hair" strands of yarn on the outside, so it will be covered if its a little lumpy.

  29. OK. Sounds better when you point out that. :-) This is definitely on my to do and not give up on list! Thank you so much!

  30. I love him & want to adopt him (whine-whine)...well, I'll just have to make one of my own--but I'll be fighting with my grandchildren over him! Lol...thank you for sharing...great pattern, looks very doable :-)

  31. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this little guy!!!!!! He scared the crap-pola out of me when he popped out of his hiding place too!!!! I love your pattern and the blog creative you are. Thank you for sharing.

  32. I'm working on this right now and can't figure it what you mean by "follow the slack around" then 5 rows. Do i continue only around one side after attaching the cross line?:) I'm going for a fast response this is a christmas gift lol thanks! Now if only you had the gelflings patterns too;)

    1. if that's easier:)

    2. Hi there! Ok, so all that means is to keep working as if the newly chained portion were part of the whole. You just want to leave the gap open for his mouth, otherwise keep working off the chained strand to complete the sphere. Sorry my patterns are all untested and unrefined, but hey, that's part of the fun right? Hah!