Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Think it's a Shawl

I have completed my shawl...stole...wrap...scarf...thing. It's pretty whatever it is, though I do wish someone had called me out on spelling it "shall" last time...and on facebook. Oh well.

The wrap was made with six skeins of that recycled cotton blend yarn in "moss" which I guess is close enough. Not sure how many hours it took, I just popped on a movie and went to work every night. Plus a couple of glasses of wine really helps the time fly by. Hey, I'm on vacation remember? (Actually my stay home vacation has slowly been morphing back into work. I stopped in to the thrift store three times to take care of a few things, even though it's closed this month, and started going to the gym on Friday. I'm still sore.)

I still haven't decided why I really made it: gift? Keep? I just wanted to make something out of all that yarn. It's rare that I have so much of one color and type.

Little disclaimer on the pictures: no judging based on my pajamas! I couldn't manage to convince my husband to model the wrap for me, so you're stuck looking at my weekend attire. It's Sunday darn it and I'm not about to get all dressed just to show off one of my projects!

Alrighty, here the shawl is spread out on the couch so you can see the pattern. Oooh, Aaaah. I didn't measure it but I would put it close to being 5' long. It drapes nicely and is comfortable. The yarn isn't too scratchy so I have no problem wearing it as I write this. Overall I would call it a success, no major blunders (though I'm sure there's a missed/added stitch here and there) and no massive frustrations attached. The first few rows were slow as I learned the pattern so I wouldn't have to keep looking it up, but after that I just took off.

Here's the pattern diagram that I used. I just found it on a google image search so I'm not sure who to credit it to, but it sure worked!


So here I am looking thoroughly relaxed in my bright pink pajama bottoms and white tank. Notice how my arm subtly leaves the frame as I managed to avoid capturing the camera in the mirror with the rest of me. (I should really concentrate on getting better pictures). A big ol' thanks to my husband who of course was too busy on his computer to assist me. Actually I can't really blame him. Last time I got him to help (think back to the bikini) we were both laughing so hard that it took nearly 20 minutes to get a decent shot. It's just way too fun to make funny faces at him.

Anyway, taadaa!