Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Ello." "Did you just say 'hello'?"

Labyrinth anyone?

Originally I was going to try and go all out and embroider on his facial features, but he just looked weird, so I went with a little more "kawaii" style instead.

I really like two night projects like him. First night, crochet general body. Second, add on all extras and details. 

Mini disclaimer: I have not tested this pattern. I just wrote down what I did as I did it. I also write my patterns for those who know a bit about crochet in the first place. If you are a beginner feel free to email me at MostlyNerdyCrochet @ with any questions. Honestly my brain isn't always on the same wavelength as everyone else, so if you are not a beginner and the pattern still sounds wonky feel free to pester me to make it better.

“Ello” Labyrinth Worm
Magic circle with 6 sc (in blue)
Increase to 12
Inc every 3rd stitch for 2 rows
Sc 7=rows
1 hdc, 5 dc, 1 hdc, sl st around the rest of the row, repeat one more time

Switch  color to a pale yellow
1 hdc, 5 dc, 1 hdc, sl st around the rest of the row, repeat 3 times
Sc 12=rows
1 Inc on either side of the face (for cheeks) sc in between- Repeat for one more row
dec every 3rd stitch for 1 row
Fill with polyfill before the opening gets too small!
Dec every other stitch for about 2 rows, then dec every stitch until closed

Hair – darker blue than the body for contrast
Slip stitch several strands of yarn at the top of the head and down the body. Separate the strands for a good fluff. (There will be 17 bits of fluff all together. Top of head and cheek fluff is longer than the rest).
I added some of the darker blue up his back and on the top of his head almost like embroidery (only with yarn).

Scarf - Use an orangey red thin yarn (or thick thread)
Ch approximately 15 inches, turn and DC down the length. Weave in the ends. Loosely tie around the neck (I wrapped mine twice).

Face: I used a dark orange (almost a light brown) embroidery thread for the eyes. Bits of black of course for the pupils/nose/mouth, nothing too fancy!

"Nah, I said 'ello' but that's close enough."


  1. That is the most awesome thing i have seen YET done with crochet. Serioulsy. YOu rock. Im a beginner and maybe once i get to where i trust myself to branch out this will be one ill try to do!

  2. I love Labyrinth, and the worm is absolutely adorable! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. No effing way! That is Bad Ass! Awesome worm dude.

  4. I love him but I have a hard time following the pattern. I know you just wrote down what you did. :) Once again, very nice.

  5. I love Labyrinth and your pattern, thank you for share it! I'm going to start right now ^^

  6. I rewrote the pattern to help out others and so i could make it myself:) hope it helps:

    Body (w/ med blue):
    Rnd 1: 6 sc in MR (6)
    Rnd 2: 2 sc around (12)
    Rnd 3: sc, 2 sc around (18)
    Rnd 4: sc 2, 2 sc around (24)
    Rnds 5-11: sc around (24)
    Rnds 12-13: hdc 1, dc 5, hdc 1, slst around (24)
    Switch color to pale yellow
    Rnds 14-16: hdc 1, dc 5, hdc 1, slst around (24)
    Rnds 17-28: sc around (24)
    Rnds 29-30: 2 sc on either side of the face and sc btwn (28)
    Rnd 31: sc 5, dec around (24)
    Rnd 32: sc 2, dec around (18)
    Rnd 33: sc, dec around (12)
    Rnd 34: dec around (6)

    Hair (w/ med blue):
    Slst strands of yarn at the top of the head and down the body. Separate the strands.

    Scarf (w/ orange or red):
    Ch 15 inches, turn and dc across. Loosely wrap twice around the neck.

    Embroider the face w/ orange thread for the eyes and black thread for the mouth/nose.

  7. The embroidery at the end was a dirty trick. I can stumble through eyes and a mouth, but all the blue on his back and around his face is too hard. How did you do it? There has to be a better way.

    1. I've been kind of playing with this pattern and changing things as I go to my liking. What I did since I'm terrible with embroidery is switch yarn mid row from the very first yellow row. It's a pain as well, but much easier for me. Not quite the same 3D look on the back, but I kind of like it smooth. Then all I have to worry about is the tufts of hair and the face, which is more doable for me.

      ... Just realized this was a post from 2012 from an Anonymous poster, so may be too late to help, but who knows, could help someone.

  8. For his back I did more of a slip stitch around in circles until he was covered, but I did stick with traditional embroidery on his head and eyes/mouth. Some crocheters don't like mixing embroidery into the amigurumi, but I aim for the look more than anything!

  9. I'm trying this out and I have a few questions/suggestions.

    1) What size needle did you use?
    2) I'm not familiar with 3D crochet, but could you use two color crocheting with this? I think that might be easier for the back/front look.

    3) I'm making a sample, first, and I feel like the back is REALLY short compaired to the top which is REALLY long. Is this right? or can I shave a few rows off on the top and add a few to his behind?

  10. Rowen: I'll try and answer as best I can, but I'm not sure I'll be too much help!

    My HOOK is 3.75/F (not a needle).

    I'm not sure if you could use two colors or not. I've never tried!

    You're welcome to change his dimensions to whatever you are more comfortable with! His length was simply a happy accident as I went along, but if you think he needs more on the bottom by all means!

    Just have fun!!

  11. This pattern is adorable, I've added it to the new site A new site to find 100s of free crochet patterns from all over the web. Updated every Wednesday and Saturday nights! If for some reason you do not wish to have your pattern linked up please email me at Thanks! Megan

  12. I squeeled with delight when I saw this pattern existed! Thank you so much for putting it out there, it's adorable! Definitely not the easiest project I've done, but it's going to be so worth it :3 My best friend and I bonded over our mutual love of Labyrinth, so this lil guy will be my dear friend's Crustmas present.

    Thanks again.

  13. How do I get the blue on the back? It doesnt say to switch it at any point (after it says to switch to pale yellow) Can someone PLEASE help me =) Btw I am an advanced crocheter

    1. I slip stitched it over the existing layer of yellow. :)

  14. For the body, did you use DK or WW yarn?

  15. He's adorable!!!! Any chance of Ludo coming some day?!