Sunday, May 8, 2011

One step at a time!

My apologies for all the design changes on my blog lately. Hopefully find one I like and keep it.

Happy Mother's Day!

Anyway just a few little things this week. First it was our two year anniversary on Monday (aww) and here's the fantastic Japanese style strawberry shortcake that I made for my husband. (As well as the start to the salad we had so I could feel less guilty about diving into a cake smothered with strawberries and whipped cream!) I was afraid the cake would collapse so I took the picture before the rest of the table was ready then promptly shoved it in the fridge...though I had to remove a shelf so the thing would fit.

I did get a little bit of traditional crafting in. I honor of May the 4th I crocheted a tiny Death Star.

I overstuffed the hell out of it so it makes a great stress ball. One that I've been using, a lot. There's something oddly satisfying about being able to crush the Death Star in the palm of your hand.

I've also been working on some orders. I have half a Toothless done, a Zoidberg that only needs his coat finished, and.. I swear there was something else I've been doing. OH I have two items boxed up and ready to ship.

As for non-crafty related events; tomorrow I'll be having my butt kicked by my personal trainer. I've been seeing this (hardcore) woman for almost a year, however even after all my work I still have 10 pounds to go and they are the most stubborn clingy pounds EVER. Of course that may be because I have the world's largest sweet tooth. I swear I can hear it actually whispering in my ear "just one cookie, you know you'll work it off later...come on, what's a little sugar when your meals have been nothing but greens?"

So after that I'm going to make applesauce bread and an angel food cake for my friend's not-so-secret baby shower. She is seriously the cutest person I know, and we both share a very strange passion for organizing things. At least I think it's weird that I should enjoy that.

I'm still debating whether or not to start writing a few more "books" (do they count as books if they are unpublished?) I'd LOVE to start a writing blog where I post chapters every few days, but I'm worried about having my ideas taken and having someone else make money off of it. Right now I'm waiting for my mother to finish editing one of my books so I can have a clear idea on whether or not to send it off to agents (you're the best mom!)

Other than all of that I'm still just trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do with my life. Though from talking to friends it seems that this is a common predicament for someone my age. Anyone else feel like they are living through Avenue Q?

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