Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hey look! It's Mickey Mouse! Sorcerer style.

Yikes this was hard. His body and appendages were pretty typical shapes and really didn't take me too long to do, however all his extra bits were a pain! In a good way of course. I made him to trade with my father-in-law who is rather skilled at woodworking.

His face took around six hours to figure out. Two spent on doing, and redoing a crochet face until I finally decided that for his size that just wasn't going to work. After all hes only about the size of my Zoidbergs. So then I decided to embroider his face. I'm not very practiced at embroidery, but I'm happy with the way it turned out.  Below is the back of one of his hands which are also embroidered.

I don't think I'd make another Mikey, at least not in this style. Of course if you offer me enough money I'll make just about anything hahaha. His cloak thing was very confusing. I had no idea where to start. I don't usually do clothing in crochet but I thought I would try it this time. It turned out alright, but it could be improved upon. Also, did I make his hat too big? Hard to tell. He looks OK in person, but now that I'm looking at the pictures I have to wonder.

Overall I'm very satisfied with the end result. There is no denying that this is, indeed, Mikey Mouse. So there you are father-in-law! I hope you like him!


  1. Wow...beautiful and the hat looks just right! You are very skilled at this girl - Kate, but had to post as anonymous because I couldn't figure anything else out!

  2. I like him! Hope you like the bowl...