Friday, February 4, 2011

"As for me I design mansions and then live in them..."

"...I'm lying! I'm an appalling failure!"

Please welcome Universe 1's Dr. Zoidberg with a FREE pattern!

 As you can see the design has been improved and for the first time I'm offering my pattern for free! Though, I do warn you, this is the first pattern that I've written out for someone other than myself, so you may have to email me for questions. 

Can't crochet? You can order one. $35 + S&H money order or check (allow ten days to clear). Email for details.

As promised I will be offering a special gift to my sister for her continued demands... I mean support for my crochet. She must choose the red pill or the blue pill... I mean Zoidberg.  

Leela 1: "The idiots have the box!"
Zoidberg A: "I think she means you."

By the way the box is just a blue piece of paper folded origami style. WAAAAY too lazy to crochet a box...that and I don't have the right color of yarn.

OK people who just wanted to look at the pretty pictures may stop reading. Those who want the pattern please continue:
Pattern Attempt for ZOIDBERG

Cheat sheet: sc (single crochet), dec (decrease), inc (increase), sl st (slip stitch),

Row 1 Make a magic circle with 6 sc in the center. Pull tight.
Row 2 increase to 12 stitches
Row 3 sc 2, inc, sc 2, inc, repeat until end of row (use a stitch marker for working in the round)
Row 4 sc 3, inc, sc 3, inc, repeat until end of row.
Row 5 sc 4, inc, sc 10, inc, sc 4
Row 6 sc in each stitch for the row (one = row)
Row 7 sc 4, dec, sc 10, dec, sc 4
Row 8 sc 3, dec, sc 3,
Face tentacles: chain 4, sl st into second chain and continue back to row. Repeat 3 more times.
Row 8 continued sc 3, dec, until end of row.
Row 9, repeat row 8 without the face tentacles.

Inc, sc, inc, sc, repeat for one row
Sc 4, inc, repeat for one row.
One = row
Sc 4, inc, sc 4, inc, repeat for one row.
Two = rows
Sc 6, inc, sc 6, inc repeat for one row
Two = rows
Sc 10, dec, sc 10, dec, for two rows
Two = rows
Begin to stuff
Sc 6, dec, sc 6, dec, repeat for 2 rows.
Sc 2, dec, sc 2, dec repeat for 1 row.
Finish stuffing
Continue to decrease(throw in a regular stitch if needed now and then) until closed.

Legs (x2)
Redo row 1 and 2 from the head instructions.
Ch 4 and make two toes just like the face tentacles were made.
Choosing the inner portion of the stitches from row 2, sc in the round for approximately 7 rounds, or until a little over an inch tall. No stuffing necessary. Attach to body. Make the other leg. Attach to body.

Arms (x2)
Ch 6. Attach the 6th stitch to the 1st and crochet around to form a tube.
Make tube about 1.5 inches long. Ch 4 and make 1 tentacle (for his claw) sc 2 in the tube. Ch 4 and make the second claw. Dec across tube to close. No stuffing necessary. Attach to body. Make second arm. Attach to body.

Eyes and clothing
Cut out felt for the eyes and clothing. Embroider pupils onto the eyes.
For the clothing cut out pant shapes and shirt shapes. Sew edges and dress him! Embroider little circles onto his jacket. Here’s hoping the rest can be figured out by looking at my pictures.

Seriously, I have no life. If you have questions just ask! You can either do so in a comment or email me at


  1. This looks so great! I'm definitely going to try this out. I'm imagining an army of zoidbergs! What size hook did you use?

  2. Take me to your leader! ROFL!

  3. I used a size F/5, but hook isn't as important as having a tight stitch. You don't want the stuffing the show through! Also, again, this was my first pattern so if you have problems let me know :)

  4. LOVE IT! i seriously can't even believe how awesome you are at this. so jealous!

  5. PS - if it wasn't already obvious, i want one of each. how much would that set me back? i have a tax return coming my way!

  6. This'll go great with my Bender :

  7. I just *squeeee-d* I'm so in love.

  8. Make them out of pale pink and they could be the "Ood"from Doctor Who...


  10. You are funny and should write a little short story about them! Refreshing!!

  11. Anonymous 1: My smaller creatures usually are between 6 and 8 inches tall, though my Bender is about 18 inches tall and my Toothless is quite long as well.

    Anonymous 2: I didn't realize I was funny! Usually my sense of humor is only understood by a limited few. By limited I mean my sister; we're the same quality of nerd, but honestly I'm relieved! Thank you!

  12. OMG....I can't believe someone finally came up with a zoidberg! *Faint*

  13. Tracey, believe me, you are funny. you should DEFINITELY write a story about them. Write a book of patterns for your funny creatures. Any publisher would leap at you. And don't worry about the accuracy of your patterns, they have people who check those for you. NERDS of the WORLD rise up and take over!

  14. Hi! Thanks for posting the pattern!
    I am new to amigurumi and am wondering what one=row and two=row means.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  15. To Anonymous: =rows just means to do a row of single crochet around without any decreases or increases, so one "equal" row to the previous row. The number before it just says how many of those rows you do. Hope that helps!

  16. I'm going to have to make these for my daughter, as this is one of her favorite episodes. She even refers to it as the one with the "blue Zoidberg!"

  17. I loved your comments to go with the pictures, guess I don't have much of a life either. lol
    Thanks for the pattern, do they have to be these colors? I know I have seen them in passing the tv, but have no idea where they are from. :-))

  18. I'm new in amigurumi too!! :/ I can't understand how i do the 9th row of the head because of the tentacles.. I don't know where to put my crochet!please help me... :D

  19. How exactly do you suggest attaching the legs and arms? Just to sew them on?

  20. Ladyljp: Yes, for these characters it is highly recommended that you keep the colors!

    Anonymous: The tenticles come out as a chain from the 9th row and then you crochet around them. Does that help?

    Anonymous: I slip stitched the legs and arm on, but if sewing is easier go for it!

  21. hi i know you addressed this in earlier comments but i need a bit more clarification if ok...btw thank you! im making this for my brother to have in his classroom! Im doing the body now....first line says: inc,sc,inc,sc, repeat for one row...does that mean repeat the inc,sc around to finish the row or do this for another row? and then where it says one=row...or two=rows thats like one or two rows of sc ? thank you again for not being selfish with your patterns! i make so much for people for gifts its hard to spend so much on different patterns.

  22. Not sure my original reply went through. Repeat for one row just means to repeat the alternating pattern for the rest of that row. The one = row means to do a complete row of just single crochet. Hope that helps!