Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wedding Assistant

I spent the last month visiting my family and working on my sister's wedding. She wanted a lot of stuff DIY.... which turned more into "make your sister do it."

I did manage to sneak away to VanCon (a Supernatural convention for those who don't know) while I was there.

Here's the run down of my crafting and assistance:

Most of a day carving a stamp.

Canned some homemade jam. Topped it with the stamped fabric. I also made the chalk signs and wrote the various instructions for multiple tables.

Days and days of set up. I also sewed the table runners and hand dyed the napkins and runners to match. I then wrapped forks in said napkins and tied them with a little bow. Oh and I was in charge of flowers so I worked on all the table pieces, boutonnieres, corsages, and a bit on the bouquet. 

I also spent time making ribbon garlands and hanging them all around the farm.

(When that was done I flew with to Minnesota where my sister's new in-laws live for a reception. 
It's been a busy month.)

For VanCon I cosplayed Abaddon.

I hand painted the shirt since I was too cheap to buy a proper one. I'm actually rather proud.

And my favorite photo op with Osric Chau, who also enjoys a good cosplay.

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