Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ranting, in a good way.

Well, in case you haven't noticed I've been a bit anti-social lately. Er, anti-blog-al? In any case I've been working mostly on crochet rugs from old t-shirts. I've done two small ones so far and am collecting shirts for a large colorful one. It's surprisingly difficult to find colorful shirts that work for making into yarn, but luckily I have a great go to location for such things (huzzah for volunteering at a thrift store!)

I'm now two months away from the move and for some magical reason it became REAL about two days ago. I've been day dreaming and absently planning for it for so long that somehow I forgot it was really happening. I blame Pinterest--not sure why, but I do.

My laptop finally died, another reason for my absence. Add in a few trips out of town and some family visiting and I've been very distracted. I'm impressed that my laptop lasted five years though, especially if you've ever seen me around electronics. We don't usually get along very well.

I have to admit that I'm pretty darn stressed lately. I don't know if it's the realization that my husband is going to be away for six months or that my weight has become a ninja and crept up on me. Now I'm back to my old workout routine--but my food ideology has changed and I can't follow the same meal plan. Not sure if I'm boned or if hope still exists. I would happily write about ten pages on my struggles with food and weight, but I think I'll condense it down to two sentences. I really f*#(ing like to eat. Even going mostly vegan I just eat too much. The end.


Since I'm unsure how I'll react to (yet another) stretch of long distance relations as well as moving back into my parent's basement (no joke) I will make no promises as to my regular blogging. Especially since my husband will be taking the new laptop with him when he leaves....leaving a great void in my life.

Oh Pinterest, how will I live without you? What's that dear? Yeah, yeah I'll miss you too.


  1. PINTEREST! (*sobs*)

    Hey, I tagged you for 11 questions at my blog. You can answer if you want! =)

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