Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day!

Ah, hello my distant friend. How long it has been since my typing has graced your "new post" screen? Too long. Too long.

I've done very little lately in the crafting world. Instead I've been slowly cleaning out my place and preparing for the move. Less than three months now!

To keep myself sane I've been going to yoga. Every single yoga class that my gym offers actually (which is only 5). I've been researching on where to go and earn my own certification so I may someday teach yoga. Aaaah yoga. I know there's all kinds of scandals lately, but my yoga practice is very personal and soothing, so I don't care what else is going on because in those moments I'm centered on myself and my body. It's wonderful!

Right, so long story short I needed a carrier for my yoga mat. I was using the mats at the gym, but they are too short! Instead I've whipped up a quick and simple yoga mat strap. My only problem? I needed bigger buttons!

Here's the pattern:

(Depending on the length of your yoga mat you may want to make each piece longer or shorter)

Ch 70
Turn. dc down the length
ch 3 turn, triple crochet down the length
ch 2 turn, dc down the length
ch 1 turn. sc 6 - repeat until barely long enough to wrap around your tightly rolled mat
ch 1 turn, sc 2, ch 2, sc 2
ch 1 turn, sc 6
ch 1 turn, sc 2, ch 2, sc 2
ch 1 turn, sc 6
ch 1 turn, sc 2, ch 2, sc 2
ch 1 turn, sc 6
tie off

Move to other end and repeat between the ellipses making sure both straps are the same length.
Sew on two medium to large buttons (mine are too small and almost slip out of the hole) one on each end at about the middle of the 3rd triple crochet. The slots in the strap should overlap and the button should line up! Taadaa!

Wasn't that just SOOOOO hard?


  1. pure genius!

    ..and not in the least bit nerdy! (not that there's anything wrong with that ! :)

  2. Hey! I'm normally just a blog lurker ... but today I'm commenting because I gave you an award!


  3. I found your blog via Lisa and have fallen in love! Keep up the geekery!