Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Gift to You (Sort Of)

In the last couple of weeks I have been bombarded with requests to make my plush Toothless dragon, and as honored and flattered as I am to hear how well received my work had been, I also feel incredibly guilty.

Yes, I'm unemployed, yes I did sell them at one point, and yes, I should continue to do so, but I would need to charge about $130 for one of my small plush to make close to minimum wage. To be completely honest it takes up far too much of my time and doesn't even cover our food bill, not to mention the biggest issue: it's not very fun.

I've run into this problem making anything to sell from my blog. It drives me nuts, but that's how it is. So I finally decided that making $3.30 an hour doing something that's not super fun just doesn't work.

I love making things that are new and challenging! Since repeating a pattern and a single project over and over isn't my cup of tea I've decided to hand you my pattern.

This is just the bare bones pattern. I don't have any explanation or how-to set up, though I hope to make one last dragon (for myself since I never did get to keep one) and provide a tutorial. I will be working on this through December as well as another holiday themed amigurumi with pattern.

With that being said Merry Christmas. Um, also I'm not sure this will be any help without instructions. This pattern was originally adapted from another Toothless pattern on Deviant Art. Without that (rather terrible) starting point I wouldn't have been able to make this.

Head x1, jaw x2, jaw fin back x2, head fin back x2. I'm missing the underside which looks exactly like the head piece only without the four fin extensions - which you need one of. 

Belly x1, back (the lower piece) x2.

Tail fin x2, side fin x4

Great big wing x4

 Toes x4, foot pad x4, legs x8, rounded fin x5 (one for each leg and one for his forehead).

 All in all the pieces come together something like this. Oh, just realized I didn't get a close up shot of his back fin-spike-things. It's a series of spiked waves that are in an 8 inch strip that you sew from about the middle of the wing attachment down his back.

Like I said my pet project this month is to sew my own Toothless and take pictures as I go. I'll be able to explain and hopefully walk you through the process.

Until then!


  1. Wow. There's no way I'd be able to pull this off (or replicate the awesomeness you created), but it was very kind of you to share this pattern. :) May you prosper in your endeavors.

  2. Wow! That looks complicated, but I might give it a go once you get all the instructions up. I can relate to the hours spent vs. what you can charge. I always seem to undercharge, but you can only price it so high before people just won't buy it!