Saturday, October 15, 2011


Good Morning! Wait, it's past noon, well, whatever.

Yesterday I agreed to help a friend out by making a amigurumi to auction off at her work's charity event. Normally I wouldn't be so accommodating, but this "friend" is really more like my second sister. For some reason my parents keep "adopting" my sister's friends into the family. None of my friends have made the list.

Political family squabbling aside I really love my sisters, both related and not, so I want to make something wonderful that will really help her non-profit raise money I forgot to ask, but I'm sure it's something worthy. She used to work at United Way in Seattle, but was recently hired at a different non-profit... guess I should show some interest in her work... but then again I don't really even know what my husband does. I'm a terrible person.

So help me be a better person by figuring out what I should make to donate to my non-sister sister!

I have a pretty good yarn stash going (thanks to my thrift store and my mom who picks it up at garage sales for me) but I do lack a few key black and grey....and the shades/quality of yarn range all over the place. She said I could make whatever I wanted, nerdy Futurama items would be great for the younger workers, but nature based items would probably be the best bet.

So my thoughts have ranged from Hedonism Bot to a three foot amigurumi autumn tree (though I don't have enough brown). I have just over two weeks to whip up something grand.

What do you think I should make?


  1. A Hedonism Bot would be pretty amazing. ^_^ It might not have the mass appeal that a furry critter would have, but I could see a handful of fans getting into a heated bidding war over it. If you're concerned about appealing to a variety of bidders but want to stick with Futurama, a Planet Express Ship (does she ever get a name?) might go over well, though it might end up in the hands of a toddler.

    Then again, a ginormous tree in autumn glory would probably do very well on the "ooh" factor. Most people think of crocheted objects as being confined to baby clothes and stuffed animals; breaking down that wall might be just what's needed.

  2. Futurama is always my go to for just about any occasion, but I think for this one I am going to go with a winter tree (rather than autumn). If I scale it down and design it to be say, a Thanksgiving day centerpiece, and amp up the details with cardinals sitting in snow dusted branches I think it could branch (haha) into the wide spectrum of interest rather than playing to just the interest of my "sister" and her specific work friends.

    Thank you so much for helping me decide!