Saturday, July 16, 2011

Farewell to Harry Potter

Just FYI, if you've at least seen the trailers there's no spoiler here.

Today my husband and I went to see the new Harry Potter. Oh the glory of a film done well. I cried, which is just how I am. I cried at the book... each time I read it. Seriously.

So there we are just minutes from the climax of the film, the moment we've been waiting to see for 10 years... and the film pauses and the fire alarm goes off.

I always imagined that pandemonium would break out when a fire alarm sounded in a crowded theater, instead we all just sat there hoping it would go away so we could finish watching. Every one looked at each other, gauged the reactions of those around us, and started laughing. I was probably laughing the hardest. The mere idea that the movie would stop at that VERY moment was just ridiculous! The suspense was too great, the moment so dark, and then the lights are suddenly on and we're expected to vacate the premises!

Of course we did get up and file out smoothly, no one was running or pushing, I think we were all going slow incase they just popped up and said "gotcha!"

About 15 minutes later they let us rush back in to take our seats. The only problem was that the still from the movie was left up on the screen. And here is what we stared at for about five minutes while everyone returned.

I'm sure you can imagine there were a few jokes...

"Harry, I never knew how you felt.."
"I've always secretly loved you Tom."


"Let's end this the way we began." followed by some smooching acted out by the girls in front of us.

The whole situation was terribly funny.

Of course after that they started the movie and we all forgot that we were making jokes. Every one watched in awe as the end finally came. I wish the film hadn't been interrupted, as it dulled the tone for the finale, but it was still incredible to see.

Now that it's all over I feel like my best friend moved away and I'll never see them again. For about 13 (might be closer to 14 now) years I've been following the Harry Potter universe, and when the books ended I told myself that it was OK because I still had the movies to look forward to, but now it's all over. It ended with flair and finesse and brilliance, but it ended none the less.