Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer? Bikini time!

Mostly crochet without the nerdy. Well, OK that's a lie. It's nerdy simply because I'm in the picture.

Yeah, so I had no idea what I was doing, but besides everything turning out a little big I think it mostly worked...kind of..

I tried to put cute little pleats in the top, but well...riiight. Also, I now know why swimsuits are typically made from stretchy stuff because my butt totally doesn't stay put when I'm walking around, let alone swimming.

Well, regardless of my non-existent clothing skills I still rather like it. Want to know why? It was free, 100% no cost to me. The yarn was a gift from the thrift shop for my hours of "hard" work, and that was really all I needed. It took about two and a half skeins and a few hours of free time.

All in all a good adventure. Oh and one last thing. I don't need to remind you that it's Sunday, I went from my pajamas to the bikini and back again, so don't make fun of my hair.

Oops, and happy father's day!


  1. I love the bottom edging on the top of the bikini!

  2. I love it - especially the ruffles! I hope you get to use it a lot this summer!

    And just wondering... how long do I have to crochet and how many hours of Futurama do I have to watch before I can achieve your "non-existent clothing skills"? Hmmmm.

  3. Well since you are just starting out with crochet you'll probably want to tackle a couple scarves or simple things, then try a small amigurumi (i found bomb bomb to be an excellent first project) then once you've followed a pattern and know how work in the round then you can do anything!

    Oh and to answer your question the hours of crochet are negligible, however the hours of required futurama? Endless.