Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan in need

I'm sure by now everyone has seen reports about the 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan not too far from Sendai. I know people who live in Japan, I've even spent time in Sendai. The families that I know there... friends that are there for work... are they OK? And that's nothing compared to the people I don't know. There have been so many lives suddenly disrupted and I want to find a way to help. I wish I could offer my home and let people stay with us. If you know of a way an unemployed girl can help please let me know.


  1. hey hun, we heard word back from Asami, her family, Yuya and Yuuta that their families are alright. Not really sure what to do to support people in the chaos though.

  2. Thank you for letting me know they are all alright. I can't believe all the damage. It's a nightmare.